Private Events


Private Parties

Are you organizing a birthday , Friend's night or Bachelor party? We help you to create the most unique experience your guest will have. All attendees take home a memorable self-made piece of art to always remind them the great time they had with you! send us a message below. We can run the session at your residence or place of choice or alternatively we can help you with the venue.


Corporate Events

Imagine a corporate event which is filled with Fun, Creativity, Art and most importantly team building. We are expert at this and while we focus on providing the most fun and memorable experience you can rest assured you will be reaching the objectives you have been looking to get from this professional gathering. send us a message below. The session can be held at your corporation or let us help you with the venue.


Public events

Planning a night out with friends or your better half? check our ArtistPals upcoming event section on the site. We organize ongoing sessions in different part of city. Fins the date, purchase the ticket online and just show up for a one in kind experience.

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