Fashion Designer/Instructor
I grew up in Damascus where the dazzling beauty of the city and its architecture inspired me to be an artist. Soon I came to know Fashion is my PASSION. I started exploring many design projects and I got admitted to the ESMOD , The French Academy. Since my graduation in 2006, I have been actively involved in women, men and children fashion design. I was privileged and honoured to work with a number of globally known designers and artists including Mr.Rami Al-Ali, Mr.Walid Altallah and Mr.Saeed Kobeissi. As an DXBfashion week instructor I would love to share my passion with you and take your mind on a creative and self-exploring journey.
Abeer Rantissi
Abeer is a Jordanian artist lives in UAE. She started drawing small sketches when she was a kid when used to go outdoors to play and grab a small pencil and small paper and draw a small things like a rose, a glass, a bottle of water. However, she did not take things seriously until she come Dubai where she started to take intensive courses and win Merit Awards for best paintings. And now she is developing her career as an artist and she is loving her job.
Paris Khalaf
Paris is an international artist with successful past exhibitions in several countries: Toronto, Iran and UAE. Her passion is OIL painting and being form environmental science background her mission has been bringing attention to beauty of wildlife specially birds!
Nimra Tareq
Nimra is an avid artist. She has got experience working with different painting mediums like oil, acrylic, watercolour and charcoals. She loves sharing her art and spreading happiness.
Asareh Ebrahimpour
Asareh is a highly skilled multi-cultured artist and an experienced contemporary dance performer, originally from Tehran and now based in Dubai, UAE, who holds a BA in Interior Design from AUSTN, UAE. Asareh is inspired by the mysteries of daily life and how it engages our senses thus influencing the patterns, textures, and colors that we all see and feel each and every day. These influences are noted through the themes of her work, which have evolved over time, through her own creative processes and is Asareh’s comment on the fragility of human nature.
Shamaila Sahar
At the age of 6 I came to know art is and forever will be a huge part of my life, I love cherishing artistic moments with good crowd and helping people around me to explore some artistic souls within!!
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