Unveil Your Creativity: Join Our New Initiative for Deeper Connection with Your Followers!
Join us in Dubai for a special opportunity to get closer and personal to your loyal fans. Show your creativity and love for art and mental health by making unique content that speaks to people's hearts and minds. Come to a free painting event, and earn commissions and referral fees for every person you invite. Let's create unforgettable experiences and build lasting relationships together.
Experience the Magic: Here's how it works:
  • We’ll coordinate with you to set a date, time, painting theme, and venue.
  • Once confirmed, we’ll send you an exclusive booking link on our website.
  • Share on your platform that you’ll be painting with ArtistPals and invite your followers to join by booking through the provided link.
  • On the event date, our team will provide all painting supplies, and our instructor will offer step-by-step instructions. No prior art experience is needed; most attendees are first-timers.
  • During the event, you’ll have the opportunity to create engaging content with your followers, such as live sessions, photos, and videos.
  • Your attendance is complimentary, and you’ll receive a 20% referral fee for each booking made through your link, paid to you after the event.

    Please provide your information to express interest, and we’ll get back to you to make the magic happen!

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