Kids & Parents sesssion

Bring The Family to ArtistPals painting party

Family sessions are now officially part of ArtistPals events with a monthly session.


A perfect time for kids and grown-ups to get creative together, Family session by ArtistPals are the perfect family-friendly day or nite out. Since these events are for kids, we know you have some questions. We want to assure you that our family painting sessions are  a great activity for you and your littles, so read on—we think you’ll like what you see.

Questions on your mind? Answered;

Q: Who can attend family painting party?
A: Family painting party is open to kids of 8+. During the session we will sit teens (13+) and Kids (6+) separately since their skill-sets are different. The painting will be the same but it will help our Instructing artist to lead them more properly.

  • Adults are welcomed to join their child and paint. In this case you will need to purchase also a ticket for the accompanying adult. (check our family saving package). In this case the child and accompanying adult get individual canvases and painting tools.
  • Adults can be present in the venue with their children and can only observe and be present in case there is only ticket purchased for attending child. They can simply hand out in the venue and network with other parents.

Paint Nite Kids All Ages Events


Q: How do I find All Ages events on the website?what’s the frequency?
A: The sessions are marked as “FAMILY SESSION” on the website. At the current stage the session is run from time to time depending on the number of attendees.

Q: Can an adult attend the session without a kid?

A: Absolutely yes. That means the inner child is dragging you!!!! and you are most welcomed. however please note that the painting theme would be more kids friendly

Q: My kid is painting the first time on canvas! Will you make this easy?
A: Absolutely. We keep the steps short, sweet, and completely accessible. Terrariums are completed step-by-step with hands-on help.


Q: What time are these events and how long do they run?
A: “Family sessions”  are scheduled for afternoons during vacations and weekends, and evenings after school. We keep bedtime in mind when planning. ArtistPals family sessions are usually run just a bit shorter than standard events since the paintings tend to be easier. You can expect to be there for about an hour and a half.

Q: will the paints stain clothes? 
A: Kids aren’t concerned about staying clean, but you are—we get it! Our acrylic paints are washable, but we recommend kids wear old clothes to lighten your laundry load.

Q: What should I bring to this event?
A: Just yourself and your kids! We supply absolutely everything, from canvas to apron and planter to succulents.




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