“KIDS”- Empowering Kids – three workshops

Entertaining, Informative and Creative!

From the comfort of your home our little attendees will be guided and coached from our experienced instructor to finish a lovely acrylic painting on their own. The package includes 3 Virtual Painting sessions for the month of July. These sessions will help your kids build confidence through creativity.  No prior art experience is required as our instructor will go over all the basics. While they get to know the basics of art, drawing and painting, they will also be going through an educating curriculum, getting to know more about the environment and the themes of the paintings as our instructor will share actual knowledge about the theme of each session.

Event details:

Painting themes: Mr. Mew, White Big Friend and Penguin with Snowball

Date: Every FRIDAY of August 21st , 28th and September 4th

Time: 4 PM to 6 PM (UAE time)

This event has a MAXIMUM attendees of 10 kids.


You would need to have your own supplies which you can purchase from different art and craft stores in UAE which are currently open: CreativeMinds, Carrefour or any other art stores.

What you would need:

Canvas: Rectangular dimension is preferred. Any of below dimensions are O

  • 12inchx16inch (30cm*40CM)- (Preferred)

  • 16inchx20 inch (40cm*50CM) (Also workable)


  • Two brushed are needed one with flat head for painting and one with pointy head for drawing. Ask for acrylic painting brushes.


         We need 5 colours: Red-BlueYellow-While-Black (All primary colours)


       -Wearing a disposable apron is recommended or any old clothes will do the job as paint drops can happen.

       – A plastic cup half-filled with water and some paper towers are needed

NOTE: Upon registration a link will be emailed to you with required information to join the session. The session will be in ZOOM.



 We would need a minimum of 6 attendees to make this great workshop happen. The cut off date for registration will be on August 19th. If the registration numbers are not covering the minimum, we would be refunding the registered attendees.  To make it happen please sign up online as soon as possible and help us to spread the word.

There are only 2 SPOTS left for this session.

Event Schedule
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Friday- August 21st, 28th & September 4th : From 4 PM to 6 PM DUBAI TIME
  • At the age of 6 I came to know art is and forever will be a huge part of my life, I love cherishing artistic moments with good crowd and helping people around me to explore some artistic souls within!!
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