Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- Can I cancel my ticket?

A1. NO- You can not cancel ticket after you have completed the purchase however you can reschedule your event.  Events can be reschedules more than 48 hours from the Event  scheduled time. Events can not be reschedules within 48 hours to the scheduled start time. For rescheduling please send your details to info@artistpals.com


Q2- I could not attend the Event- do I get refunded?

A2- NO. If you have purchased a ticket and you can not attend, there will not be any full or partial refund since we have booked a seat for you. In case you can not attend the session please email us for rescheduling as described in Q1


Q3- Do I need to have previous painting experience?

A3- NO- most of our attendees have not painted since kindergarten!!! and that’s the amazing fact that within 2 hours you will be completing a painting on your own.


Q4- What do I need to bring to the event?

A4- A Big Smile! An open mind to expect lots of fun! you do not need to bring any materials. All supplies are provided by us.


Q5- How long before the event I need to show up?

A5- We recommend to be in the venue minimum 15 minutes before the start of session so you have enough time to choose your seat and also put on your apron and get all set


Q6- Are events starting on-time?

A6- Absolutely- our 100% effort is to kick-off the event sharp at the set time. However occasionally in case of unusual delays of other participants the instructor might give 10-15 minutes for rest of the guests to arrive.


Q7- Is there is dress code?

A7- The dress code is completely at your discretion


Q9- Is the paint washable?

A9- Our paint are all water-base meaning it can be easily washed away with warm water and soap.We do provide aprons so you don’t get paint on your clothes. In case you got paints on your clothes we recommend to wipe it as soon as you can with some water since it would be hard to get it off then is dried.


Q10- Do I keep the final artwork that I have made?

A10- Absolutely – we would like you to remember the memorable fun you had anytime you look at that masterpiece.


Q11- What is included in the price? Are drinks and any food included?

A10- The general admission ticket is covering the cost for painting materials supplies and also step by step instruction. attendees would buy drink or food on their own expense at the venue. Buying a drink is not compulsory at all but helps our venues to be open to host us for future events.

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